Aromantic Pride Pin

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Created by Tumblr user cameronwhimsy in 2014, the Aromantic Pride Flag represents individuals who experience little to no romantic attraction. Green and light green represent the spectrum of aromantic individuals, with green being on the opposite end of the color wheel to red (which is the color traditionally associated with romance). White represents platonic relationships, and black and gray represent those of other sexualities.

Show off your LGBTQIA+ community pride and say it fun-sized with our colorful Pride Series pins. Designed to be paired, select a flag and a pronoun and pin them together to complete the circle. Or heck, pair multiple flags or multiple pronouns. Or just pick your one favorite and wear yourself a mini rainbow. Whether you’re stepping out for a pride parade or just looking to add a dash of authenticity to your everyday ensemble, this pin speaks volumes without saying a word.

Maker: Pinultimate
Dimensions: 1 in x 0.5 in 
Weight: 0.2 oz
Clutch: Locking 

$1 from the sale of each pin is donated to The Trevor Project.