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Wildflower + Co. is made up of a couple of crafty, fashion industry renegades – art school grads who went on to work for well-known companies and are now determined to break the rules. They put in serious overtime and travelled the globe figuring out the very best practices and sourcing materials. Gradually, the sparkle of the fashion industry and shopping experience started to fade. Between office politics (ugh), cookie cutter malls (boring), and an endless sea of mass-produced, overpriced stuff, they felt their creative spark approaching burnout and said hasta la vista, baby!

During their soul searching mental vacay they got back to doing what they love, what got them in this glittery mess in the first place – designing for themselves, creating, making anything and everything. They still craved awesome “stuff” but wanted it to be meaningful, fun, and perhaps most importantly, about the experience of making it. That time was incredibly recharging, but they soon discovered that the stuff they needed – high quality, fashion-driven supplies, was not available. Cue the return of their creative spark (hello, old friend!).

They thought others might feel the same way. So, they got to work and decided to do things a little differently - by sharing their collective experiences and knowledge through awesome DIY supplies, kits, and tutorials. Wildflower + Co. is 110% committed to helping you nurture your own creative spark – whether you swear you don’t have one, lost it over time, or live by it!

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