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Custom Enamel Pins

4-6 WEEKS ➺ turnaround time100+ PINS ➺ minimum order quantity$3-6/PIN ➺ average budget

How It Works

Bringing your pin to life


It all starts with an idea. Tell us all about your project using the form below. The more detail, the better!


We’ll collaborate with you to create the most epic design for your pin and refine until it’s *chef’s kiss* and ready for production. Send us your preferences, or we’ll use our best judgement to pick out the perfect metal, pin clutches, and packaging to complement the design.


The pins are sent into production, which takes about 3-4 weeks. Once the pins are ready, we’ll send pics (because duh), then we check each one for quality and carefully attach them to their backing cards.


The best part! It’s time to deliver these fun-sized babies to you and unleash them into the wild. We’ll hand-deliver them if you’re local, or ship them Priority Mail and send you a tracking number as soon as they’re out the door.


Our Preferences

for the highest quality pins

Hard Enamel

Hard Enamel pins have a flat surface and tend to be heavier than soft enamel pins, giving them a more expensive, quality feel.

Die Struck

Die struck pins are recessed without enamel coloring. This effect is really nice when combined with hard enamel and can make certain elements stand out by giving the illusion of depth.


Gold Plated

Gold plating gives a pin a luxurious, jewely-like feel. Gold plating looks incredible with (almost) every pin design, so it's typically our go-to.

Black Nickel

For designs with heavy text against a light or yellow background, black nickel plating is a great option. All text becomes easily legible, while maintaining a sleek appearance.



Screen printing defies the laws of pin making, allowing for colors to touch other colors without metal needing to be in between.


2 Posts

If size allows for it, having 2 posts adds an extra layer of security. In addition to keeping the pin in place, if one of the clutches were to accidentally fall off, your pin won't fall off too.



Deluxe locking pin backs are the most secure option and are best for high-traffic areas. The internal spring mechanism makes them more difficult to remove, so they're much less likely to accidentally fall off during wear.


Rubber clutches are more comfortable for wearing and are a great option for low traffic wear, especially if you plan on moving your pin around from spot to spot more frequently.

Backing Cards

Add your logo, website, and/or social media details. This is also the best place to add a custom message if you plan on gifting your pins. Each card is 2"W x 3.5"H and can be single or double sided, depending on how much content you have.

Standard Cards

Choose between 16pt paper stock with "velvet" soft touch lamination or 14pt paper stock from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Premium Cards

If you have the budget for it, make a statement with foil letter-pressed on 18pt paper stock. Premium cards will cost an additional $1-3 per pin, depending on the quantity ordered and complexity of the design.



Add your logo to the back of the pin to make your mark.

Pinultimate Logo

All pins come with the Pinultimate logo on the back by default unless a custom backstamp is requested.

Backing Cards

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Custom Enamel Pins

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Say it fun-sized with custom pins for you and your crew. We combine our pin ​​expertise and the highest quality materials to create lasting memories through tiny tokens.