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Doggie Drawings

Kelpie Pin

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Kelpie Pin by Doggie Drawings

Product Details

Maker: Doggie Drawings 
Dimensions: 1 in x 1.25 in 
Type: Hard Enamel 
Plating: Gold 
Enamel Colors: Black and White 
Clutch: Rubber 

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Joel Wilkinson
Kelpie pin serves well!

I purchased this Kelpie pin because I have a small dog that looks like the pin, but he's not a Kelpie. The resemblance is close enough! I buy pins to wear on my hats, usually stingy brim fedoras and porkpies, so I need pins to be small-ish in size and this Kelpie pin is good sized, although almost too large -- but that's because the space on a hat is limited. Also, I like pins that aren't so cute, but well designed, I see a lot of sweet/cute pins that just don't suit me. The Kelpie pin is a great design, it's sturdy and top quality. Glad to have added the Kelpie pin to my collection.