Baltimore, MD


A one-woman-run enamel pin retail shop founded in 2018. It all started with a love for enamel pins and a developed understanding of why people shop from large counterfeit markets like AliExpress and Wish: people want pins, people want variety, and people want bargains. We set out to solve this problem by establishing a business where consumers can get all of these things – the responsible way.

Pinultimate is your one-stop pin shop. We’ve simplified the shopping experience by housing a variety of pins all in one place while supporting the makers who’ve worked so hard to bring these original designs to life.

We formed our shop with a makers-first mindset. We value our relationship with our makers. We know them by name, and we appreciate them for everything that makes them unique. Each pin sold in the shop is hand-picked based on the makers we love and what we’d personally want to wear.

We’re a small business and maker too, so we understand just how much work it takes to convince the world your passion is something worth investing in. We can’t fix everything, including the counterfeiting trade. But let’s shop small, support each other and make the world a better place, one pin at a time.